Intelligent Brewer

Intelligent Brewer use.jpg
Intelligent Brewer use.jpg

Intelligent Brewer

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This Intelligent Brewer is for brewing loose leaf tea and/or coffee.  Made of heat-resistant plastic, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.  The patented automatic shut off system of this brewer makes it easy to prepare tea or coffee and only release the liquid once the brewer is placed on a cup.  17oz. capacity.

As soon as it is lifted up again, the flow is automatically stopped.  Please do not touch the base of the brewer while in use as this may release the hot liquid.

1) Fill the filter with loose leaf tea or coarsely ground coffee.

2)  Pour steaming water (close to a boil) slowly over the tea or coffee.

3)  After the desired brewing time,  place the brewer on top of a cup and the finally filtered beverage will flow into your cup.

4)  Once the brewer is lifted up, the flow of the liquid automatically stops.

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