Organic Tumeric Chai

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Organic Tumeric Chai

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Featuring a blend of black tea, ginger, and cinnamon, this chai incorporates Tulsi (known as Holy Basil) and turmeric for added flavor and health benefits.

Tulsi has been used for thousands of years for a variety of purposes - from use in Hindu worship and the healing practices of Ayurveda, to flavoring in Thai cuisine and even as an all-natural insect repellent!

Turmeric, an integral spice in curry, has been found to contain anti-inflammatory compounds and can increase your body's antioxidant capacity. Curcumin, the compound that's responsible for the bright yellow hue, is particularly effective in preventing heart attacks, delaying diabetes, and even fighting cancer.

Black pepper, found in this tea, is often used to boost the amount of curcumin (an active compound in turmeric) that is able to be absorbed into the blood.

2 oz. (56g) bag
typically makes 25-30 cups of tea

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